Tee Up on Your Golf Lingo!

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Photo of golfer at sunrise with the caption of "A bad day on the golf course is still better than a good day at the office."

Maybe you’ve started a new job where playing golf is essential to your income-making ability, since making business deals and golf go hand in hand, and your new coworkers are willing to take a rookie out on the course. Or maybe your friends have finally convinced you that playing one of the western world’s oldest sports is a good way to pleasantly burn some calories. You may start out hitting the ball like a hacker or duffer, but we’re going to make sure you can talk like a seasoned pro. Soon you’ll know the difference between a slice and a hook, an iron and a wood, and whether you want your ball to land on the fairway, in the rough or on the green. We’ll give you the information to make sure that you don’t commit a serious etiquette faux pas, like leaving your cell phone on, and what it means when your friends stand aside to let the foursome behind you play through (which essentially lets the group behind you take cuts and move in front of you).

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Tee Up On Your Golf Lingo

*Typos “Tooing Ground” and “Too Box” which should be “Teeing Ground” and “Tee Box” are native to this infographic and we cannot change them.

“Address the ball” does not mean calling the ball “sir” or “ma’am”

Golf is considered to be an old Scottish sport. The earliest known reference is associated with King James II of Scotland in 1452, who banned the sport because it was luring his subjects away from their archery practice. The ban was lifted in 1502 when King James IV started playing the game himself. There are references in other cultures to using a stick to hit a ball type object into a hole. However, the Scottish references are considered closer to the modern sport of golf. The first manufactured ball was called the featherie because it was a leather exterior stuffed with goose feathers; the more densely packed and therefore harder balls flew further. Although golf has been modernized with aerodynamic balls and amazing clubs, it is essentially the same sport that has been played by millions of golfers for more than 500 years. It has even been “played” on the moon. In February 1971, while on the moon, Alan Shepard hit a golf ball one-handed (because of his spacesuit) with a six iron. I wondered what happened to that ball so I googled and found a site that has a picture of where the ball landed-not that far away from the landing site of the lunar module. If you find that you would like a little more golf history, check out these popular golf history books on Amazon: The Story of Golf in Fifty Holes by Tony Dear, The Ultimate Golf Book: A History and a Celebration of the World’s Greatest Game by David McCormick & Charles McGrath and The Big Miss: My Years Coaching Tiger Woods by Hank Haney. They sound super interesting and the reviews are great.

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Shadow Creek Golf Course, Las Vegas

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Infographic about the characteristics of the average golfer

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Infographic showing statistics about golfers

Crack the Brain of a Golfer

We just play for fun since our professions didn’t require us to use golf as a mechanism to make better business deals. I was a teacher and now work as an animal welfare professional and Della is a sonographer and it really just didn’t benefit our work to bring students, dogs or pregnant women to play golf with us. Lol!

Interesting facts and statistics about the sport of golf

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Interesting facts and statistics about the sport of golf

Interesting Facts, Figures and Trivia about the Game of Golf

As we go, we’ll throw out more golf words to help you sound like you know what you’re doing even if you shoot 5 over par. Our next post will tighten up your knowledge with some important things every beginner needs to know. We’ll be starting with some of the most basic rules and etiquette. Golf is a game requiring courtesy and has some conventions that if broken, will bring the wrath of the players in your group down on your head and likely result in some harsh four letter words thrown in your direction. Once you know what not to do, and you play a round or two, those rules will become second nature to you.

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