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Hi, Hola, Bon jour, Привет, Aloha, Konnichiwa, Salâm, and Hello in all the world’s languages,

This is Infographics Weekly, a visual reference guide to cultural literacy. We’re somewhat a visual version of Cliff Notes or Spark Notes on many topics from golf to Game of Thrones, mythology to mutts or nanotechnology to narcissism.

We started this website to solve problems like this one:
You’ve just started a new job and instead of having an office softball team, most everyone golfs. And, you find out that a lot of your future clients golf too. So, you’d better get putting! You don’t have time to read Golf for Dummies or download golf instruction videos, so we’re the next best thing!

We use existing graphics (and some of our own) to help you process the info quicker. Many of our graphics are infographics that we will always, if possible, attribute to the original source. We use infographics and other types of graphics to bring you an quick introduction to a new topic weekly. We hope you will discover new interests to learn about or new activities to enjoy. Our first topic is golf, our second topic won’t be a sport; sign up for our newsletter to get a sneak peek delivered to your inbox.

Thanks for joining us and let us know if you find an infographic that pertains to the topic we’re covering this week or in the past so that we can add it to our resource boards on Pinterest. We are https://www.pinterest.com/InfosWeekly/pins on Pinterest.

For now, arrivederci, auf Wiedersehen, adjö, hyvästi, bessalama, kwaheri, until later,
Jeannine & Della